A quick look at my Somerset workshop


Based in Frome, Somerset, and down the road from Bath, I have a dedicated space to work and run my business from. I am surrounded by trees and flower beds often getting distracted by the bird and squirrel antics outside the window. This is a special place and I love working here.

As everything about Pulp Paper Heaven is based on the old and characterful, and to keep with the sustainable ethos of my business, I equipped the space with salvaged lab tables, scaffold board shelves, upcycled draws and used tools.  Although some items had to bought new to fit the space, like my planchests, many of my tools have come from other binderys and I like to imagine I am absorbing the skills of past owners as I work!

My prized and crucial piece of equipment is my large nipping press "Strong Bristol". Made of cast iron, down the road in Bristol, it was probably made at the turn of the century where tool making for the print industry had its home until around the 1950s. It is a wonderful piece of engineering and where all my hand stitched notebooks are finished. It also has a story of its own. In a past life it belonged to a master binder who made the folders for a vintage TV show called 'This is Your Life'. Celebs of the day were taken through the highs and lows of their lives whilst fellow celebrity guests, friends and family told anecdotes. A personalised folder was presented at the end of every program. Even theater programs, bound in leather, for the late queen have passed through this mighty press.